► The Table: Come!


In this weeks sermon, Miller expressed that the Lord presss him to raise the standard for our community. This sermon is on communion and how important and vital it is in our lives as individuals and as a community. 

For the next 40 days we are taking communion every single day and we encourage to you to do the same. 

As we do this act in unity, here is a prayer you can say everyday as you take communion : 

The Body: Father, I think you for this bread that is the body of your son and my Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank Jesus, that you took my sins, my cares, my worries, my sickness and my diseases upon your body.  Thank you that your body took on all that my body could not. Thank you that your body took up my infirmities, diseases, my chastisement, my affliction, my scourging, my rebellion, my iniquity (internal sin), my transgression (external sin), my grief, my sorrow, my anguish, my guilt, my shame and my condemnation resulting in your body taking on my death. I proclaim that you died my death. I proclaim that I was crucified with you and that I no longer live but you live in me. The life I know live in the body I live by faith because you gave your body for me.  And now glorious Father, I receive total healing in my spirit, my soul, my mind, my emotions, and my body.  This life and healing includes every organ, every cell, every joint, ligament, muscle and bone in my body I declare your total provision for any and every need.  I receive total healing for every function of my body.  And I give You the praise and the glory and the honor in Jesus name. I bless Your name Father.  I also declare that through this body I am made one with you and through one bread I am made one with your people. I declare forgiveness, wholeness and grace upon all my relationships; both family and friends.  I take this over my marriage and declare oneness with my bride and that you are for our covenant and empowering us to love each other supernaturally and wholly. I take this over the Upper Room family and declare oneness of heart, mind and mission. That we will truly experience the fullness of being called the Body of Christ in every facet and form. Thank you for your precious body Lord Jesus, broken for us. 

The Blood: The bible says in Lev 17:11 that the life of the flesh is in the blood. I just ate the body of Christ. I am now holding the blood of Christ (John 6:48-58) which represents your life. When I drink this it will bring life to the body of Christ that I just ate. John 6:63 – the word says it is the Spirit that quickens the flesh – “the Spirit give life” Father in the name of Jesus, I thank You for this representation of the blood of Jesus, I realize I am holding the most powerful substance in the universe. It is more powerful than all physical weapons, medicines, foods, bacterias, viruses, curses, and rebellious decisions that I have made.  This blood has the power to deal fully with all of my sin, both the power of sin in my life and ultimately, one day, the presence of sin in this world. Thank you that this blood is for my past, present and future sins. That this blood speaks a better word than any other word over my life. Jesus, I thank You for shedding Your blood at Calvary, I now receive Your blood and a new and fresh infilling of Your Life and Your Spirit in Jesus name. Glory to God (drink the blood)