► The Table: Discerning His Body

This is a fun message and a much needed truth for the Body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:23-34 is the only exhortation we have directly from Paul (or anyone else) on how to take approach The Table. In his address, Paul has some strong words for those partaking in the meal like; eating the body & drinking the blood in a worthy manner; examining yourself rightly before taking the meal; and not being found guilty of the blood and the body. These words have put fear and insecurity in many people. Many will miss the power of what has been provided at the table because of Paul’s strong correction to the church at Corinth. Michael Miller in this teaching thoroughly explains what Paul meant by these terms and how to appropriately eat and drink of the Lord. He shows us how to come to the table and receive ALL that has been provided by Jesus. It’s different than we think. It’s better than we think. Enjoy this refreshing message on approaching the table in sincerity and truth. Get ready to digest strength, healing and life!