We offer pastoral counseling for couples in need of strengthening or healing.  We provide skills, tools & support to help those in hurting or drifting relationships return to the wonder & fascination that originally connected them.


Marriage Resources

Marriage / Relational events:

Saturday workshops, are offered quarterly & Relational equipping classes are offered every Monday night through October

Pastoral Marriage Counseling :  

We offer one free initial marriage meeting per couple to assess the need.  We have a tremendous pool of resources, so we continue to work in a collaborative process with the couple and the professionals we refer them to, for as long as needed.

Marriage Mentoring:  

Our Marriage Mentor program also uses the PREPARE/ENRICH program.  For $50.00 each couple receives 2 online assessments, 2 workbooks and a mentor couple to walk with them as long as needed and beyond!  Our mentors desire to build lasting relationships with each couple they mentor.

Training Marriage and PreMarital Mentors:  

Trainings are offered quarterly.


Pre-marital Resources:

Pre-Engagement / Pre-Marital Counseling:  

We offer the PREPARE/ENRICH program for all couples in a committed relationship. It is our desire to shift the culture and see couples work through this program even before engagement. For $50.00 the couple receives 2 online assessments, 2 workbooks and a mentor couple to walk with them for 4 to 8 weeks.  Our mentors also love building lasting relationships with each couple beyond completing the PREPARE/ENRICH program.



 marriage & premarital sessions are available by appointment 7 days a week

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