Eastern Europe Trip

Eastern Europe Trip

June 10th - 22nd.


For the past 18 months…

my wife Veronika, my son Jonathan David and I have been privileged to be a part of  the Upper Room in Dallas. We have seen so many miracles in our personal life and the work of the Spirit of God, and all we did was gaze upon the beauty of Jesus! It was always my deep desire to see such an authentic move of the Lord. We were so hungry to see God moving in such a genuine way and God brought us here to Upper Room.

 In my walk with the Lord for the past 15 years, I have seen many efforts from different allies who brought a piece of the puzzle of God's Kingdom to the region of the Balkans and for that I'm so thankful. It is time that we here at the Upper Room bring our piece of the puzzle of His Kingdom which I believe is one of the key things that needs to happen in that region and specifically for the countries that we will go and minister to (Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) so that those lands and it's people can bear the fruit of the power of the Gospel. I will be co-leading a team of 16 as we go, speak God's promises over that region, worship and pray in different locations, cities, churches and encourage the local believers for two weeks so that all of us can claim the land for the work of the Lord. May His Kingdom come and overtake this land in his realities. It's His work indeed and we are privileged to be part of it! It's time that this region see the true freedom and identity that God has called them to. No more oppression, disunity, and hopelessness in Jesus name! These lands will bear kingdom fruit and it's people will walk in true freedom and identity as God has called them from the beginning!

 I want to ask you to pray and partner with us, so we can go and do this historically important trip.

- Mufa Besic